Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Genius of Stupidity

Stupid is a term most often used in the pejorative, but I mean it in the most positive sense. Call it innocent, empty or a state of not knowing and letting oneself go for broke. Is there anything more freeing that being a fool? In a world that prizes knowledge, structure, control and reason, stupidity is the perfect opposing force that leads to all that is fun - creativity, spontaneity, and adventure. It means being like a child, without any care for results. I cite Lucy Ricardo as a great example of someone who wasn't afraid of looking ridiculous. With limited means, she could really express her infinite potential.

My best paintings have come from pure idiocy in motion. When I have nary a thought in my noggin, I become a channel for something I couldn't have even imagined. I embrace my stupidity as a gift and look to be empty-headed especially in tasks that require freedom of movement. I highly recommend it for all those who think too much. All is temporary on this worldly stage. Life is absurd and short. Why not spend the rest of it celebrating one’s own silly and effervescent energy?

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