Friday, August 8, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent expressed a sense of beauty, refinement and artistry that has been lost in our time. He was a man who perhaps was too fragile for this world. Born in Oran, Algeria, he revelled in the exotic, which infused his imagination and life's work. He favored Matisse and like him was a master colorist, boldly pairing the most luscious chartreuse with the clearest of violets - among other unusual combinations. His vision shows a spiral of constancy amid stark angles and flights of fancy, the masculine and the feminine, the simple and the ornate, the sacred and the profane. I especially enjoyed it when he and Catherine Deneuve joined forces – a French double whammy that makes me swoon. YSL was beyond fashion; he was a master couturier who wove and rewove from inspired visions, taken from every corner of the globe. A true Frenchman, he embodied his country and all of her resplendent sensibilities. I salute his life and magnificent oeuvre.

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