Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Creative Flow

I recently had the opportunity to show my work with an 18-year old who gave me a master class through his art and general presence.  For years I'd been stuck making smallish oil-on-canvas stretched paintings on a table top in my studio, thinking it's the best way to work in my space.  I also felt I needed to have an encapsulating idea to give my work some "sense."  After meeting Hakeem Lewis, a rapper, skater and artist, I realized that I needed to free myself from the cage of my conditioning.  His work was born in the moment with each piece having its own uniqueness.  I wanted the same freedom for myself.

As soon as the exhibition was over, I cleared some wall space and tacked some pre-primed canvas to the wall.  Then, I let myself do whatever I wanted and it turned out to be a combination of marker, acrylic and oil stick that eventually became a painting called "New Leaf."  I felt so liberated that work just poured out of me, things that had no particular relationship with the next, but, somehow were all me.

Then, I understood that I need not control the flow of creativity.  I can just let it out any which way it comes.  I am all the more exhilarated as a result and feel free from any limitations.  Hallelujah!

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