Friday, April 9, 2010

The World Within

In the relentlessly frenetic film,“Koyaanisqatsi” a moment stands out for its stark simplicity.  A monk sits alone in silence in an empty courtyard and seems to be at one with the whole universe – so full and at peace from just being.  As I watched this, I thought, “I’ll have what she’s having”- so palpable and powerful was her connection to Source.  My quest for that quality of existence began with that wish, and so many teachers and lessons have come to me, taking me on an otherworldly ride.

Traveling through my inner world has been an experience of allowing myself to be and witnessing all the little things that come and go.  All of the ephemeral thoughts and feelings stay for a while and disappear, leaving behind a bedrock of silence, stillness, peace, and pure potentiality that is our very nature.  It takes a willingness to “stop, look and listen” to one’s ego and its limitations, but also to be aware of the gifts and strengths that are eternal.  This kind of spiritual work – the meditation, contemplation, prayer, and reflection - may not be easy nor very popular, but, the results are transformative and what deepens is a real sense of being at ease with oneself and the world.  Everything originates from within; it is the starting point from which all else follows – self-love, peace and joy.  The outside world simply mirrors one’s internal state. 

I’ve noticed feeling more “flowy” as of late, probably as a result of some inner clearing.  No matter what kind of weirdness gets thrown at me, I feel unfazed.  It’s as though I can walk into a garden within that is my own nature and truly relax in it wherever I happen to be.  Have I come home to myself?  It feels like it.  My relationships are more harmonious and my acceptance of the world-at-large is at its height.  I am not giving one moment to worry or fear and it feels like I’ve hit some sort of blissful jackpot.  I like it.

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