Monday, January 4, 2010

An Enchanted Garden

Looking down from the roof of the Westside Y in L.A., I was struck by the vision of what looked like an enchanted garden. It was a nursery filled with an array of different plants to quell the thirst of any constant gardener. The richness was eye-catching and stunning. I knew it was time for a look-see, so off I went with my camera in hand. As I stepped inside the iron gates, I felt as though I was in a magical haven, a slice of paradise on this earthly plane. I was amazed by the sheer variety of plant life, from grass patches to brightly colored Impatience flowers to budding lemon trees. These were the fixin's of one's own garden of Eden.

Most would agree that sitting in nature acts as a tonic to the tired soul. The spiritual beings of flora, also known as elementals or nature spirits, not only serve to care for the well-being of the plants but help to enliven us as well. Soothing to our eyes, lungs, bodies and souls, so is the purifying and restorative power of the natural world. On occasion, I take floral essences for their healing properties. Each flower has an energetic that is particular and unique. Sunflowers, for example, boost confidence and self-esteem. Irises promote creativity.

The act of planting and growing is also therapeutic. No matter how small the plot, we can all nurture a plant to bolster Mother Nature, not to mention get a dose of oxygen. I often think of our planet Earth and how we have treated her, seeing her as an adversary when she has provided with such glorious abundance. I feel her unrest bubbling below the surface, occasionally erupting like a simmering pot boiling over. The Jackson Pollock quote "I am nature" rings true to me since we are all of the same energy. With my new name "Wind in Hair" I hope to honor this connection in my life and art.

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