Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Magic of Good Eats

If everyone knew that we could control the way we feel by what we eat, we’d all be reaching for the whole foods that energize, balance and stabilize us. Well-being is no great mystery; it’s really a matter of finding out what works well with one's system. One way to get started is to see yourself as your own guinea pig and to make a note of how you feel every time you eat something and in what combinations. Then you can form a list of foods that you can stick to and count on. Freshness, wholeness, variety, color, high fiber, low salt/sugars/animal fats all help to give us what we need to be in top form. The specifics are up the individual. Again, we each have all the answers, if we would only listen to our feelings and follow our inner promptings. Lately, I’ve started to make my own healthy cakes, satisfying both my sweet tooth and inner baker. Yum scrum!

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