Monday, July 7, 2008

Unconditional Happiness

In my quest to find that unmistakable lightness of being, I have travelled far and wide only to realize that everything exists within me. When all externals are stripped away, what is left but one's consciousness, the part that can see and appreciate and experience? The part that continues from lifetime to lifetime? The vastness that has no end?

It is this part that I identify with and from which I continue to watch the many emotions and thoughts that pass my way. Realizing that everything in this world comes and goes, there is no need to fight anything that happens. Not even fear or anger or stress. Everything eventually dissipates like smoke.

Sometimes though, a certain act is in order, like a good work-out or primal scream therapy. I like to go to the park and swing as high as I can. If I feel really stuck, I'll ask Ganesh (the remover of blockages) for extra help.

Ultimately, a feeling of peace prevails, the default state of my entire being - and everyone else's for that matter.

Amma, the hugging saint from India, is in town this week and I am so looking forward to getting a dose of her unconditional love. She is an amazing being, dedicated to serving all of humanity. Her embodiment of the Divine Mother comes through in all that she does - satsang (gatherings), darshan (blessings) and so many projects to help care for the poor and the sick. She travels all over the world to give millions of hugs, which are infused with divine healing power. We are so lucky to have her for three days in New York.

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