Monday, July 7, 2008

Creative Ventures

Is there anything more fun that picking up a paintbrush or guitar and just going for it? Sometimes I wonder why people would rather just watch t.v. and be spectators when a world of possibilities exists in creative ventures. One can create one's own vision - unique and soulful - and possibly even have a cathartic experience doing it. I mean anything - dancing, scrapbooking, sewing, baking, gardening, wood-working, etc. -would do. There's so much satisfaction in self-expression that far surpasses the usual entertainments offered by our culture.

My suggestion is to just to follow one's natural attractions and predilections. I happen to like color and smooshy paint. Others may take to collaging words and images on paper. Singing show tunes might appeal to some, while banging on a drum may strike another. I admire shear genius- type haircutters and crafters of glorious cakes for their imaginations and hand skills.

Whatever tickles your fancy and excites your soul. Remember to keep the critic in the corner. Don't think too much and just go. What's left? So much joy for the taking.

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