Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Own Artwork

I started painting in high school when I had to fulfill an art requirement and had my fourth class free. For the first time, I felt a feeling of  naturalness that didn't exist in my other classes.  What a joy it was to use my hands to move around liquid color. Little did I realize that I was beginning a major journey in my life - one that would teach me who I was and how to live in the moment. Though it took me a few years to take the plunge full-force, when I did, I felt such a sense of satisfaction that I was on top of the world. Yes, I had found my calling, one that would reflect my life like a visual diary.

I always figured that if I painted because I loved to do it, I would find my place in the world. With time, I have realized that practically any place is good, if I am positively affecting the viewer. Because I do feel there is enough harshness, violence and strife all around us, my aim is to provide a kind of joy, serenity and playfulness that would offset the rest. Like Matisse and Monet before me, I align myself with the celestial poets of the world. Though color and personal mark are the backbone of my painting and the road has included geometry and Hello Kitty alongside them, the bottom line has always been about light, exuberance and celebration.

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