Thursday, July 10, 2008

Angel Baby

My niece Chloe, I am quite sure, is an earth angel sent from heaven above. What beautiful skin and cute little toes! Her smiles and laughter light up the hearts of those who know her. Though she is only 6 months old, her peaceful presence is already palpable. People ask, "is she always like this?" She likes colors, music, and dancing and observes everything with very wise eyes. This baby is the apple of my eye and her presence in my life has filled me with such love and joy that I can barely contain myself. Already, I have composed a number of ditties for her listening pleasure. I look forward to watching her grow and expand with radiance.


madeleine said...

I know this is weird, but she looks just like you. I can't explain it. She looks like an angel.

Frenchie said...

Ma chere amie,
Congratulations Auntie!
Does she live in CA or NY?
Trop mignonne....comme toi..hum?

ArtistHealer said...

Merci. She's a California bunny.