Thursday, July 17, 2008

Farewell Damian Woetzel

I became a fan of the NYC Ballet when I began taking dance classes at the tender age of 36. At the first performance I ever attended, I witnessed a creature of such otherworldliness that my spirit was forever changed. His name was Damian Woetzel and his magic was mesmerizing.

I try to put into words what it is about him: virtuoso technique, effortless grace, brilliance, flair, dynamism, precision, and tensile strength all woven into a sinewy body. When I watch him, I feel buoyed by his energy. He excites and uplifts, much like the force of Pavarotti or Mozart at his best.

Out of the loop, I didn’t know he was retiring until just before his farewell performance June 18, which was sold out weeks in advance. Luckily, I managed to see him the Saturday night before, in a charming Jerome Robbins piece called “A Suite of Dances” which soothed my sadness. Farewell Damian, thank you for your many years of dedication and amazing grace!

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