Friday, July 11, 2008

Being Aware of One's Blessings

When we look within, can we see all that is there? The qualities, talents, and skills that make us unique and special help us find the self love that takes us through thick and thin. As I have voyaged inward, I have been guided to really notice and appreciate my inner landscape. I've literally made lists of all of my strengths, achievements and everything anyone has ever told me about myself so to create a portrait in words. Ruminating on such things has not only helped me on the path to healthy self-esteem, but also helped me find my life's purpose. Knowledge is power.

The qualities that you possess will stay with you lifetime upon lifetime. While the body may disappear, those things that make you "you" are part of your essence, your soul and your eternal nature. Be proud and happy with what you have, for everyone is a genius in his/her own right. When appreciation and gratitude figure prominently in your energy field, that's when things happen. You've all heard of the law of attraction, right?

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