Monday, November 8, 2010

It's ALL Good

What I notice about life is that when I am fully present in the moment, there’s always something interesting to behold.  Even in the very conservative and strait-laced world that I often inhabit, I am amused by little details that put a smile on my face.  The smart cut of a man’s overcoat, the particular shade of a green tie, or the trail of clouds that move across the sky from the endless windows before me.  The beauty and miraculous of the world never cease to inspire and amaze. 

Likewise, observing my inner landscape, no matter what may be happening and whatever sensations may arise, is always a curious pursuit.  I watch it all as a spectator and a bemused one at that.  Sometimes the pain is dull and throbbing and in the next moment, I am as light and euphoric as laughing gas.  One thing is certain, nothing lasts in this human experience, which is why it behooves us to really enjoy what is happening in the moment - the good, the bad and the ugly.  Our experiences are gifts to enrichen and deepen us so that we become more evolved, conscious and aware.  Whatever comes to us is all good.  So no need to run from anything my friends.  Take it all like the good medicine it is.      

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