Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moment-to-Moment Living

Question for the day: would the world crumble and fall if we each did what we wanted to do instead of what we felt obligated to do? I've been given some time off to examine this natural way of living. I literally do what I feel like doing from moment-to-moment. And, though it sometimes it feels strange - accustomed as I am to being on a schedule - I find that everything gets done. Life finds a balance between this and that so that I flow through the day. The great sages have always said that the present moment is all we have and in it contains everything that we need and want. Maybe all it takes is a little trust that somehow, everything works out. It always does, doesn't it? In a short period of time, I've met so many new people, been invited to lovely parties, sold paintings, practiced my singing, gone on little excursions and have danced up a storm. Can life really continue so easily and joyfully? I'll keep you posted.

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