Thursday, April 2, 2009

Turn Ons

When I step into an art-supply store, my whole body starts humming and my heart beats faster. By the oil paint aisle, I feel euphoric and just a little out of control so that I have to keep breathing to calm myself down. This is how I know that I am in a place of meaning and grace. Likewise, each one of us have people, places, and things that simply make us crazy with delight. Such sensations are signposts to follow to find fulfillment in our lives, for they tell us our path and our passions. If the body is a gauge, it is an interesting experiment to see how our feelings change from one place to another, with one person and another, with one thing or another. By being sensitive and observant, we can follow our own yellow brick road to the most wonderful life imaginable - a journey of pulsating joy!

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