Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feeling My Way Through

My biggest challenge, in art and in life, has been to trust that force that is larger than myself and to let go of the inquiring mind that constantly wants to be in control. Lately in my studio, I have found a way to circumvent this impostor and to just feel my way through paintings. This has meant embracing the unknown, the non-sensical, and ultimately, the most playful aspects of myself. So far, two works on paper really grab my attention, only because they can’t be pinpointed in any one way and yet they are integrated in an organic sense. I couldn't have planned this outcome and this is what happens time and time again when I embrace the unknown. I wonder how applicable is this to life in toto. What if feeling/instinct/intuition is really all we need to go through life? Such is the experiment that I have chosen to take on.

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