Friday, April 15, 2011

Smudging with Sage

The Native American tradition of smudging, or burning sage acts as a powerful cleanser and help-mate in the congested world of New York.  On any given day, we come across so many different energies at work, in the subway and running our errands that an occasional "bath" can prove to be beneficial.

With the intention of clearing a space, person or object of negative energy, you light a smudge stick and blow out the flame, leaving a strong smelling smoke that you fan in the direction of whatever you wish to cleanse.  Traditional calls for an eagle feather and abalone shell, but any bowl and card will do. 

Just imagine your space, your body, and your possessions to be shining with bright light and it will be done.  Then, you can thank your lucky stars.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Going Paleo

My brother Tony recently told me about a diet called Paleo that expouses the idea that the diet of our prehistoric ancestors is more fit for us than the agrarian one that we've developed over the past 11,000 years.  I was skeptical.  They probably ate whatever was available.  Besides, who would want to give up potatoes, rice, wheat, dairy and sugar (to name a few on the no-no list)? 

After doing a little reading, I was interested in how energetic it made the converts feel and how lean and trim they became.  Of course, eating salmon and berries for breakfast may take getting used to, but, I was intrigued and decided to give it whirl. 

The first week was admittedly difficult, with light-headedness, shakiness, and irritability being the major sensations.  I was going through a sugar withdrawal and readjusting to fat as my new source of energy.  Going into my third week, I have to say that I have never felt more vibrant, clear and fresh.  Even though I didn't have any breathing issues, I feel I can breathe so much easier now.  The food is satisfying and tasty and I am exploring new vegetables like I never have before like mashed parsnips and celery root.  Straight from the earth, these foods taste great naturally!

At first, I thought this diet was all about eating meaty brontosaurus ribs cooked on an open flame.  However, it is really more about eating foods in their natural and unadultered state.  I actually feel more like a vegetarian with this new diet.  Though it may not be easy to procure pastured meat, a little is all that is required.  Maybe I've always been a primal girl, prizing soul expression, simplicity, nature, and instincts over modern technology and civilization.  Now, I feel ready to try more physical workouts that will increase my agility and strength.

How did our ancestors really live?  Was life really difficult back then?  If art is any indication of a health of a culture, cave paintings show a people who are very in touch with their souls and environment - something we can all learn from in this day and age.